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Purse Seine is also called "net ring" because the fishing equipment is equipped with a ring for which the "rope ring" or "strap lines" in lalukan in it. The function ring and the rope lines / rope drawstring is important especially at the net operating time. Because with these lines of rope nets that had no pockets will be formed at each end of the arrest.
Principle caught with purse seine fishing is by circling a bunch of fish with nets, after which the net bottom cone constrained, thus the fish collected in the bag. In other words, reducing the scope of the motion of fish. The fish can not escape and finally caught. Eye function and net net is a wall barriers, and not as a rodent fish.
Purse seine in Japan can be categorized as follows:

1) One Boat Horse Sardine Purse Seine
2) Two Boat Sardine Purse Seine
3) One Boat Horse Mackerel and Mackerel Purse Seine
4) Two Boat Horse Mackerel and Mackerel Purse Seine
5) One Boat Skipjack and Tuna Purse Seine
6) Two Boat skipjack and Tuna Purse Seine

Of the six types of purse seine on the no (2), (3), (5) is a purse seine is widely used.

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